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Building a sustainable biodiesel industry

Growing Diesel Fuel Plant

Couple Crop Doubles Oil Yield

Jatropha and other nonfood feedstocks have shown the potential as a 2nd gen new biodiesel crops, big investments of billions of dollars is being made. In order to ensure more return on investment we have been finding more solid secure and sustainable ways. CJP’s New Couple Oil Crop Cultivation Technology (COC) is poised to feed the biodiesel industries in a very solid and sustainable manner. The COC Technology may provide highest oil yield of >1350 gallon per ha…

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Biodiesel Business Academy©

CJP has the privilege to provide most authoritative Knowledge platform known for Development of Sustainable Non-Food Jatropha Oil Crop Projects, Programmes and Priorities to Feed Biodiesel Industry Worldwide and has established the Biodiesel Business Academy© (BBA) to provide quality, impartial, informative and enjoyable advanced level training with enhanced technology in the field of Biodiesel production. The BBA delivers Training to international and national participants/professionals of green energy industry to increase and distribute knowledge and skills. Whether you are new to the industry, have recently changed jobs or simply wish to refresh your knowledge, our training should become a key part of your personal or company professional development programme …

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CJP has developed Jatropha Agricultural Training package to deliver Competencies through Qualified trainers with a practical 'hands on' approach and has created successful training division which deliver Training to international and national participants by integrating technical and managerial issues. CJP is very proud to announce that 2nd Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training Programme (JWTP) in India at Jaipur, Rajasthan from July-14-18, 2008 was a grand success. The word “Excellent”, which was used by many trainees to describe their experiences, sums up the JatrophaWorld Training Jaipur, 2008 experience.

The JatrophaWorld Training, Jaipur, 2008 once again broke records when we welcomed over 63 participants from 31 countries, which was more than the double we got for fist. JatrophaWorld Training, Jaipur, 2007 lived up to its name for being the single premier international training of the global Jatropha fraternity. Participants were benefited from in-depth education of Jatropha with practical JatrophaWorld Training, Jaipur, 2008 was also UNIQUE in its trainees profile as well. This was the first dedicated Jatropha event that welcomed such a large concentration of multistakeholders from, Belize, Burundi, Cambodia , Canada, china , Colombia, , France , Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico,. New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovenia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sri lanka, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam and Zambia. Our June'2007 training Programme has been a grand success attended by participants from 18 countries Viz: USA, UK, SPAIN, AUSTRALIA, COSTA RICA, NIGERIA, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, SIGAPORE, BANGLADESH, SRILANKA, LAO PDR, PORTUGAL, INDIA, Ethiopia, HUNDRAS, THAILAND KENYA etc.

Secure your registration for 5day Global Jatropha Hi-tech Agricultural Training Programme 2010(JWTP10) September 20 - 24,2010 today as seats are limited. For complete details and registration, kindly visit GLOBAL TRAINING PAGE or mail to Director(Training Division):

We also provide distance learning course, In House training and customized specific training as per your requirement …

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Full Range of Biodiesel Business Consulting Solutions

CJP’s Professional Biodiesel Business Plan Servicess

A feasibility study and a business plan are essential steps in financing and developing a successful biodiesel business. CJP can help clients identify the needs, opportunities and solutions of their local, regional and national markets. By identifying these needs and providing management direction, CJP can help clients obtain financing in order to develop and manage an effective and successful biodiesel facility. The most critical component of any business plan is the pro forma, an educated view or projection of what the performance of a company is capable of, given a specific set of assumptions and conditions. CJP has been involved in identifying these needs for specific projects for a number of years and can help develop a realistic and obtainable. Performing the right kind of analysis, using up-to-date information, and using the most complete detailed evaluation will save time and money for your project. CJP provides all aspects of feasibility analysis and business development including assessments of the following: crop production, crushing, coproduct markets, feedstock acquisition and contracting, technology analysis, risk analysis specific to biodiesel technology, feedstock, markets, and general project risks, market and financial analysis. CJP can offer the type of consulting that only numerous years of leadership in the small to mid-size biodiesel market can provide at an affordable price…..
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This "Jatropha, nonfood biodiesel” is going to happen. We know there are a lot of farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors reading this who can cash in on this biodiesel craze. They are already doing it big time in Europe so it's just a matter of time before it happen worldwide using Jatropha and other nonfood oils to make biodiesel. This industry is going to grow very quickly - start planting Jatropha TODAY and then start making biodiesel to produce/generate your own fuel/electricity/power.

With above steps —government support, scientific research, new funding, and effective project management—we can make significant progress in the near term to address the climate challenge and fossil fuel crisis through growing green energy from non-food sources.

After having gone through the site you shall be able to know the basic Requirements for an effective energy plantation project. Any failure to meet out above, may lead to a disaster Yes, there is one more reason why there may be a disaster in the waiting. Now that you own the asset, you don't know what to do with it because you did not have a plan about the asset...a perfect business plan is absolute

The Whole World Biodiesel Industry is becoming Jatropha; non-food oil -centric and not just the developing countries want to grow Jatropha and nonfood biodiesel crops with CJP’s integration; American companies want to do business with non-food oil Jatropha and others and with CJP’s association, EU companies want to do the same


CJP is the global authority to Provide Complete Knowledge of the JCL System: Planting - the Science and Technology CJP is the only worldwide authoritative Agency to Provide Jatropha State – Of –Art Technology CJP is the one & only authentic Source of Quality Inputs i.e. planting stock, QPM Nursery and HYV germination seeds CJP is the internationally recognized professional Jatropha and other biodiesel plantation Advisor to provide long-term advisory services on development strategy and project implementation.

What need to do to venture into the biggest business opportunity of 21st century...? Just need a proactive approach.

What one needs to do is to create setting up a successful biodiesel Plantation...?... Just CJP’s integration

CJP is getting globally integrated in a very different way with all stakeholders. CJP's global integration is through IPR Knowledge, Strategic Plan to apply our tested and proven Technology and applied Methodology and approach to achieve the aimed objectives i.e. development of FAILSAFE JATROPHA FUEL BUSINESS

We will ensure that our operations are consistent with our values

Entrepreneurial Innovative Effective Responsive Responsible Sustainable

We place integrity, trust and respect at the core of all we do.

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