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Simarouba Energy Project Services (SEP)
Based on our proprietary knowledge and extensive experience gained we have developed and enhanced a wide range of Products just to ensure”

C J P has developed a set of SEP services with access to our own supply chain intellectual property rights (IPR) and exclusive expertise with technological background and experiences in the field for creation of your ambitious Green Energy Farm.

SEP SERVICE 1: (preliminary stage)

Land identification is a pre-requisite to development of a Project plan and to meet this requirement Pre-feasibility Study is required to be getting carried out from the competent experienced agency. We do carry out the Pre-feasibility study report for choosing the best location for your green energy Project

SEP SERVICE 2: (preparatory stage)

The formulation of business plan needs in- depth specialists from each field. CJP can offer nonfood renewable energy projects with many plans, resources and proven profitable models. Our specialty is business planning with the focus on high productivity and profitability. Getting the best business plan formation Please visit business plan page

SEP SERVICE 3: (pre-plantation stage)

Getting the best planting stock/material is the most important KEY Strategy to ensure a failsafe fuel farm. We have developed best variety called “SRIPHL MO3 “with more seeds and more oil per ha with flowering and fruiting.

We provide best seeds/plants of superior genotype

SEP SERVICE 4: (Plantation stage)

Adopting Best Practices in Agronomy

In order to achieve commercial perfection, it is crucial to understand the crop’s requirements, predict its possible interactions with the environment & develop packages of practices for industrial cultivation

That's why CJP is providing low-cost Crop Cultivation Technology & Crop Care Technology which includes

Improved Agricultural Practices Varietal Improvements Enhanced cultural practices Pest & Disease Control Intercropping Going "Green" with the use of Microbial fertilizers Fine-tuning practices to soil type, environmental conditions & labor

SEP SERVICE 5: (Intercropping)

Exploring the intercropping Operation Strategies for couple oil crops as per local conditions

There are many considerations involved in planning for intercropping system for extra income. There is need of adopting the couple oil crop technology for more oil per ha without extra inputs. CJP’s Couple oil crop technology can make all differences

SEP SERVICE 7: (Installation of oil Bio-plant)

Setting up of oil extraction plant/ biodiesel plant we offer to extend our expertise for selecting, supply & Setting up of oil extraction plant as well as biodiesel plant

For further details kindly contact:

Director (Business Development), CJP

B-132, Sainik Basti, Churu-331001
Tele: +91-9829423333

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