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CJP's Jatropha Services with Enhanced Technologies

Centre for Jatropha promotion & biodiesel (CJP) has been working in the field of jatropha promotion for biodiesel production and become a pioneer of Physic nut Plantation & Production. CJP’s research findings and on-hand field experiences in respect of various technical, agronomical/silvicultural aspects of plantations of jatropha in various categories of land as well under different plantation models have resulted in significant improvements in knowledge and technical background related to Productivity, profitability and sustainability of commercial production of jatropha oil crop.

Based on our proprietary knowledge and extensive experience gained we have developed and enhanced a wide range of Products for creating a “FALESAFE JATROPHA FUEL FARM”

CJP use its proprietary knowledge to implement programmes through its technology and IPR resulting in new industry, job creation and the offsetting of climate change.

Having specialized CJP in several fields of Jatropha Production related consultancy and services we see great opportunities for doing business with it for well-beings of rural masses.

CJP proudly presents its commitment to exploring, developing and establishing the correct process, procedures and systems for growing, crushing refining and use of Bio Diesel from seed oil, Jatropha curcas in particular.

CJP is staffed with top quality professionals quantity surveyors, project managers, planners and technical advisers and highly skilled workers whose goals are to be “before the curve” in innovation and implementation. With in depth research and development, the Centre is not satisfied with the ‘status quo,’ nor complacent with its achievements, but always searching to serve the needs of the community, environment, and its clients.

We observe certain set of principles, methodologies, procedures and practices just to ensure that "projects" are completed on time, on budget and as required.

We apply best of our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirements of the Jatropha project

We are proud of being global leader in promotion and production of jatropha and have developed techniques for proper and profitable production of jatropha as below: -

  • Jatropha Production Technology
  • Elite Planting Materials & It’s Propagation
  • Growing Media for Max. Yields
  • Total Cultivation Package
  • Plant Protection Package
  • Intercropping Technology
  • Proper Pruning Technology
  • Harvest Methodology

We associate ourselves from Concept to Commercialization of viable Jatropha projects by providing total support/ by extending following services:

  • Identification of Project Areas
  • Nursery Development
  • Pilot Plantations
  • Jatropha Plantation
  • Infrastructural Development
  • Production Cost Estimates
  • Investment Cost Estimates
  • Organization Set –Up
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Identification of Project Areas

To engineer and execute your jatropha energy farm from ground zero to harvesting stage we have invented and developed a wide range of Products and set of Jatropha energy project services (JEP) based on our proprietary knowledge to implement project through our level of competence and technology:

CJP’s Proprietary planting stock & media for max yield
CJP’s Jatropha Agri- Extension” Kit (For one hectare)
CJP’s Jatropha energy project services (JEP)
CJP’s Jatropha & herbal products
CJP’s Jatropha Training sessions
CJP’s Jatropha consultancy services
CJP’s Jatropha Properties visites
CJP’s Jatropha Publications

To obtain Product/services/support as highlighted above for engineering and execution of your Jatropha Project, kindly visit relevant pages for details of different Packages of services.


For further details, kindly contact:

Director, Business Development
Centre for Jatropha Promotion
B-132, Sainik Basti, Churu-331001
Tele: +91-9829423333

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