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KEY Jatropha Strategies

As Jatropha and other non-food oil crops  are  poised on the cusp of commercialization, Jatropha investors have stepped up their efforts to develop a viable source of Biodiesel, and some are already well on the road to success. However, with so many new projects coming up, and a lack of understanding of the Jatropha Curcas Plant and reliable information; lack of QPM inputs; lack of Best Agricultural Practices and expertise & poor management techniques ; many projects are only achieving mediocre results

Following Are the Key Strategies to Successful Jatropha Investments:

KEY Strategy 1- Choosing the best location for Jatropha Projects

Determining / knowing where to place your Jatropha project is critical, and requires a holistic view of certain key criteria for site selection. These include agro-climatic conditions, availability of labor, logistical consideration and local legislation and others. Land identification is a pre-requisite to development of a Project plan and to meet this requirement Pre-feasibility Study / Feasibility study is required to be get carried out from the competent experienced agency

KEY Strategy 2- Getting the best business plan formation

This formulation of business plan need in- depth specialists form each field. CJP can offer Jatropha renewable energy projects with many plans, resources and proven profitable models. Our specialty is business planning with the focus on high productivity and profitability.

KEY Strategy 3- Getting the best planting stock/material

You are going to create a Jatropha energy farm for 50 years so you deserve best seeds, best growing media and best nursery practices.

The planting material is the only factor which may lead to a disaster if you fail to adopt the best

Kindly note that it shall not be wise to save a few thousand dollars in the seeds purchase- or nursery production as this is the backbone of the project whose results shall determine the fate  of the entire project


KEY Strategy 4 - Adopting Best Practices in Jatropha Agronomy

The Jatropha Curcas L plant is an ‘energy species’, but it needs to be domesticated as a ‘tree crop’ for widespread commercial cultivation & application.

In order to achieve commercial perfection, it is crucial to understand the crop’s requirements, predict its possible interactions with the environment & develop packages of practices for industrial cultivation

That's why CJP is providing low-cost Crop Cultivation Technology & Crop Care Technology which includes

  • Improved Agricultural Practices
  • Varietal Improvements
  • Enhanced cultural practices
  • Pest & Disease Control
  • Intercropping
  • Going "Green" with the use of Microbial fertilizers
  • Fine-tuning practices to soil type, environmental conditions & labor

KEY STRATEGY 5 - Scaling Operations & Organization Strategies for Jatropha as per local conditions

One of the critical issues at the heart of many investors is commercialization of Jatropha, and it isn't as easy as merely increasing the size of operations.

There are many considerations involved in setting up a commercialized operation, and at the heart of it is sustainability for long term returns.

At CJP we have a team of experts to guide the Jatropha investors for developing a sustainable Jatropha project who have a have a good understanding of the conditions on the ground, in terms of agronomic practices, improved cultivar development, water requirements and labor requirements.

KEY STRATEGY 6 – Exploring the intercropping Operation Strategies for couple oil crops as per local conditions

There are many considerations involved in planning for intercropping system for extra income. There is need of adopting the couple oil crop technology for more oil per ha without extra inputs. CJP’s Couple oil crop technology can make all differences

KEY STRATEGY 7 - Going Socially Responsible, Environmentally & Carbon Positive for Jatropha Projects

Jatropha’s major plus point is in its ability to grow on land that is usually not attractive for conventional agriculture. Jatropha is easy to establish, grows relatively quickly, and is hardy and drought tolerant.

The plant is by it very nature, environmentally friendly, and has the ability to reclaim non-arable land in arid and semi arid areas. These qualities also make this an ideal plant for development in the poorest regions in the world.

The long term success of Jatropha hinges on investors understanding the environmental and social benefits of the plant, and weaving these benefits into their Jatropha projects

KEY STRATEGY 8- Mapping Global Biofuel blending specifications & demand for Jatropha Oil

Biodiesel derived from Jatropha is fast becoming recognized as a viable source of alternative fuel to meet the rising fuel demands of countries around the world. As technological developments stand today, Jatropha has the potential to serve as fuel to power automobiles, combined heat and power (CHP) plants and cooking stoves, just to name a few.

At this critical stage in Jatropha’s development, investors need to understand the evolving market for Jatropha oil and biodiesel, and capitalize on them. Alternative uses for Jatropha Oil will go a long way towards providing long term returns & sustainable development in the areas within which they work.

KEY STRATEGY 9 - Complete Utilization of Jatropha Curcas L, including biowaste & seedcake

An under explored revenue stream for Jatropha is the utilization of the byproducts and the rest of the plant. Some of the major drawbacks include the toxicity of the plant, which renders much of the plant unfit for animal consumption.

KEY STRATEGY 10 - Evaluating Risk for a Realistic view of Jatropha Project Potential for long term forecasting

Ideally, investors need to explore ways to make their Jatropha projects a low-risk venture with attractive returns. However, this assessment also needs to be realistic to ensure future returns and to attract private investors to their Jatropha projects.

Therefore for Successful Implementation of Jatropha projects with Integration above Key-Strategies you need an authoritative agency able to provide knowledge, expertise and technology for the predicted Sustainability while maximizing Project ROI through Improved Agronomy

And CJP is competent enough to be become your knowledge & Technology provider

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