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CJP’s New Couple Oil Crop Cultivation Technology (COC)
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The couple crop poised to feed the biodiesel industries

The years of continuous research, experiments and trials have given CJP a big break through in finding a Failsafe, Solid  and a Viable alternative feedstock for biodiesel in combination with Jatropha

We have been promoting Jatropha since 2003 that has shown promise as alternative biodiesel feedstock because it doesn’t compete with crop acres.  Jatropha is a high oil-yielding perennial that grows where many food crops don’t; moreover, it is a sustainable alternative to using food crops for biofuels. Jatropha shows potential as a new biofuels crop, with big new development projects and plantations involving thousands and hundreds of thousands of acres have been planned with investments of billions of dollars.

No single feedstock is likely to solve the supply issues facing the biodiesel industry. We need sustainable, cost-effective and carbon savings feedstocks like Jatropha

The Jatropha plantation occupy about 50% of the planted land and to utilized the rest of land in sustainable manner we have been experimenting different intercropping options, patterns and agro- technologies

We have been in search of such an inter-crop for Jatropha which should be oil bearing like Jatropha itself without competing with it for food and water and should be capable of fulfilling Jatropha fertilizer requirement and still maintaining soil fertility  i. e. is a right oil  crop that is planted in the right way with Jatropha and with due care to what’s possible in terms of sustainable farming techniques

Nothing drives innovation like need.

The results of a number of experiments and trials have given us a big break through

Finally we got it

The couple crop has been identified, tried and tested

A revolutionary mile stone: Great Success!!!

Emergence of the combination crop system may change the entire scenario of the biodiesel industry

  • The twin oil crop in the same acreage of the land
  • Both non- food but one can feed
  • Both requires low inputs
  • Both hardy, drought resistant and pest resistant
  • Double the output

1 ha: how much oil; Hold your breath

It is 1350 gallon; Unbelievable?

You believe it or not but, it is very true

We shall release the commercial cultivation of the couple crop  very shortly 

For further information, Kindly contact to:

Plant Science, CJP
or, call H/P: +91 9413343550

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