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Centre For Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) has become the global promoter and producer of jatropha. We have expanded our activities right from desert of Churu Rajasthan to entire India & now expanding all over world. WE have undertaken the pioneering work of jatropha plantation-the promising biofuel crop with a mission "GREENING THE THE -EARTH.... EARNING THE RESOURCES FOR RURAL MASSES" as we are committed to changed the desert destiny into gold mine and uplift the standard of life of rural farmers as this potential crop can bring about major economic activity providing income and employment opportunities to the rural communities.

With a Vision to Cultivate 100.000 hectares of land within INDIA to produce up to 1 Million metric tons of Oil, to supply Transesterification plants (Bio Diesel Refineries) domestically and World – wide we have put so far > 33000 ha Land  under jatropha plantation.

Having specialized CJP in several fields of Jatropha Production related consultancy and services we see great opportunities for doing business with it for well-beings of rural masses.

“By cultivating these energy-producing plants, processing them and finally producing biodiesel, we are creating new sources of income for the rural farmers.

CJP proudly presents its commitment to exploring, developing and establishing the correct process, procedures and systems for growing, crushing refining and use of Bio Diesel from seed oil, Jatropha curcas in particular.

We observe certain set of principles, methodologies, procedures and practices just to ensure that "projects" are completed on time, on budget and as required.

We apply best of our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirements of the Jatropha project

We are now building a portfolio of jatropha plantations across the developing world. We are undertaking planting, sourcing feedstock for Bio-oil refining operations. Through the plantation and production of Jatropha biodiesel, CJP is contributing to improving air quality, reducing emissions that contribute to climate change, and improving energy security through diversity of supply. By sourcing feedstock from non-food crop crops grown in the developing world, CJP will contribute to sustainable economic development in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Our business creates employment, improves incomes, assists in land reclamation and helps to arrest desertification.

Therefore, in order to expand the Jatropha business globally in a well structured systematic and speedy manner we have decided to appoint worldwide franchisee for our Jatropha related technology, products and services.

CJP invites you   to become a part of our franchise net-work for massive cultivation of jatropha for betterment of rural masses and marketing the product & byproducts thereof as it is a business with national and international scope & requires minimum start up capital.

Supported by extensive resources combined with your initiatives & drive we can travel in twin rail of profit & growth together

What is CJP Franchise?

A new era of business is emerged into the business world and is known as franchise business. Young and fresh entrepreneurs are involving in this business as it has low risk factors and have boundless opportunity to excel in today’s changing global business environment.  

A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and an individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business. The franchise governs the method of conducting business between the two parties. Generally, a franchisee sells goods or services supplied by the franchisor and that should meet the quality of franchisors.

We offer COMPREHENSIVE Services/Products through our franchisee for entrepreneurs in India and globally.

Promotion, Marketing & trading of our Products  Class one Products for Jatropha cultivation  Elite Jatropha planting materialPremium growing media for propagationUnique Jatropha Agri-extention kit – a true way of propagation   HYV seeds of superior genotypes Quality nursery saplingsHigh quality stem cuttings
 Promotion, Marketing and trading of our various Jatropha technologies   JATROPHA PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES Total Cultivation Technology Plant Protection PackageInter cropping TechnologyProper Pruning Technology Harvest Methodology  
Promotion and Marketing of our Pioneer and unique Concept to Commercialization of viable Jatropha projects by providing total support/ by extending services:  TERMS OF REFRENCES Identification of project areasNursery developmentPilot plantationsJatropha plantationInfrastructural developmentProduction cost estimatesInvestment cost estimatesOrganization set –upImplementation schedule  
Promotion, Marketing and trading of our comprehensive Jatropha Business Plan  FORMULATION OF BUSINESS PLAN ACCORDING TO NEED
  1. Jatropha Farming Business Plan
  2. Jatropha oil Business Plan
  3. Jatropha Biodiesel Business Plan 
  1. Jatropha Farming Business Plan 20 ha
  2. Jatropha    Farming Business Plan 100 ha.
  3. Jatropha Farming Business Plan 1000 ha
  4. Jatropha Farming Business Plan 5000 ha
  5. Jatropha Farming Business Plan 10000 ha
Promotion, Marketing and trading of our various Jatropha SERVICES      Expertise in conducting Feasibility Study to determine suitability of growing Jatropha  Complete & comprehensive Consultancy for setting up of:
  1. Successful Jatropha Plantation Project
  2. Procurement and installation of oil making machines
  3. Procurement and installation of Biodiesel making machines
  4. Cultivation of profitable inter-crop
  1. Setting of Jatropha Plantation from Zero ground to Harvesting Stage
  2. Setting of Nursery project for production of quality saplings
  3. Project management, technical expertise for Pre/post Jatropha plantation
Promotion, Marketing and trading of our various Jatropha PRODUCTS  Products:
  • Jatropha seeds
  • Jatropha oil
  • Jatropha Biodiesel
  • Jatropha cake
  • Glycerin
  • Jatropha soap
  • Jatropha drugs etc
Promotion, Marketing And Trading Of Our Various Jatropha Publication/ Project Reports Etc. 
Promotion, Marketing and trading of planting materials of herbal inter-crop  
Arranging Training camps/ seminars/conferences 
Miscellaneous Products 

How to get CJP Franchise?

Franchisee Requirement

The Franchisees wishing to sell our Jatropha related products and services should adhere to following requirements:

Please make sure you are ready to comply with all the franchisee requirements below before applying.

Application form can be obtained on payment of US $ 500 (non-refundable)

  • Complete the Application Form and fax or mail it to our address.
  • You will be promptly contacted regarding the status of your application.
  • If approved, you will be requested to set up your business licenses, bank accounts, etc. You will be emailed the Franchisee Agreement.
  • Completed and accepted Franchisee Application
  • Signed Franchisee Agreement
  • Once your accounts are set up, and then submit the Business Reference Sheet and a signed Franchisee Agreement for final approval to activate your franchisee.
  • Operate as a legal business entity with the appropriate licenses.
  • Have a dedicated phone line, voicemail, and signage stating that you are an Authorized CJP Franchisee.
  • Have a dedicated fax line, internet access, and a stable email address.
  • Provide a showroom or other publicly accessible display area for the CJP product line.
  • Have at least one sample of each basic product available at all times to show to customers.
  • Have access to a facility to hold workshops on Jatropha BioDiesel production.
  • Promote and organize at least four biodiesel workshops per year.
    Sell the equivalent of at least xxx Specified Products/services /Bio oil cum bio diesel production unit per quarter.
  • Keep demonstration units neat, clean and in good working order.
  • Become familiar with the features, benefits, and operation of the products/services.

 Small Investment & Big Benefits:

You can become Jatropha World Franchise with a reasonable investment

Friends ... this "Jatropha Biodiesel" thing is going to happen whether you involve in it or not! There are a lot of farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors attracting to this booming business and who are in cashing in on this biodiesl craze. They are already doing it big time in Europe so it's just a matter of time before it happens all around world. And by "it", we mean using Jatropha to make biodiesel. This industry will grow very quickly.

Start planting Jatropha TODAY and then start making biodiesel to generate your own electricity/fuel/power!

To obtain application form and for further enquiry, kindly contact:

Tel +91-9829423333, Fax: +91-9829423333



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