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Jatropha Business Proposition

A unique business proposition to exploit the opportunity

Centre for Jatropha Promotion

Global energy demand leads to massive opportunity for biofuels production .There is, globally, massive demand for new sources of oil driven by ever-increasing demands for energy. At the same time, the reserves of fossil fuels are declining which is leading to ever-increasing prices and concerns over security of supply. These circumstances have made the production of oil and energy from crops not only financially viable, but strategically important. As such there are a number of reasons having a strong biofuels market and hence for developing a biofuels business, not least the environmental and socio-developmental reasons, but the biofuels business stands on its own from an economic perspective.

Bio fuel, "Diesel" from Jatropha has the ability to lift many people from poverty to financial independence, from despair to respect and unemployment to business owners.

CJP is set to become one of the world's major promoters and producer of Jatropha focusing on producing Bio- oil and Biodiesel from Jatropha plant oils and believes there are globally important opportunities to be exploited….

We shall explain that what is the opportunity and how we should intend to capitalize on it, whilst providing sustainable development in the areas within which we work.

To Become Owner Of: An Oil Reserve:
Start Business Of Jatropha Growing:

Fruits of Fuel
Plantation Business

To Become Owner Of: A Crude Oil Well: Start Business Of Jatropha Oil- Making:

SVO Business

To Become Owner Of:  A Diesel Refinery: Start Business Of Jatropha Biodiesel: 

Fuel of 21st Century
Biodiesel Business


To Become An Oil King:

Start Business Of Growing Green Fuel From Jatropha Plantation To Biodiesel Production Covering All Three Stages

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In this way

Farmers would earn from jatropha farming
Farm worker would have employment
Small rural enterprises would sell or purchase the seeds
Small scale industries grow for oil production
Diesel fuel production would further provide business opportunity
By products like press-cake would be traded by villagers
Energy employment and earnings would go together

The Cost

The cost of cultivation depends upon labor availability and comes around US $ 550 per hectare
The cost maintenance of plantation is around US $ 100-120 per year per hectare
The cost of oil extraction roughly comes about US $ 0,12 / kg
The cost of Bio Diesel is largely dependent on the choice of feedstock and the size of the production facility.
The goal of SRIPHL, if Jatropha feedstock is used, the fuel will cost depending on the country approximately US $ 0, 40 per liter plus tax when applicable.

For formulating and execution of your ambitious jatropha based business plan, we provide /undertake:

  1. Detailed Feasibility study report
  2. Complete consultancy
  3. Business plan formation
  4. Execution

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