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Derris Indica
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A unique business proposition to exploit the opportunity

Centre for Jatropha promotion & biodiesel (CJP) has been working in the field of jatrophapromotion for biodiesel production and become a pioneer of Physic nut Plantation &Production. CJP’s research findings and on-hand field experiences in respect of various technical, agronomical/silvicultural aspects of plantations of jatropha in various categories of land as well under different plantation models have resulted in significant improvements in knowledge and technical background related to Productivity, profitability and sustainability of commercial production of jatropha oil crop. Based on our proprietary knowledge and extensive experience gained we have developed Based on our proprietary knowledge and extensive experience gained we have developedand enhanced a wide range of Products for creating a “FALESAFE JATROPHA FUEL FARM”

Following steps are required to be taken in order to create FAILSAFE ENERGY FARM after ascertaining land availability

  • Feasibility study Report
  • Formation of Business Plan
  • Appointment of Consultant
  • Farm Designing
  • Sourcing of elite planting stock
  • Execution of Plantation
  • Crop care


  1. Conduct a feasibility study – hire a consultant
  2. Write a business plan
  3. Form a board of business experts
  4. Solicit financing
  5. Hire a engineering company
  6. Develop the markets
  7. Built the plant and the business


  1. Feedstock supply
  2. Market size
  3. Govt. polices & incentives
  4. Competition
  5. Financing & fund sources
  6. Business structure & community involvement
  7. Sensitivity analysis
  8. Plant & operating cost

To start Jatropha Biodiesel Business, You need a perfect plan to know important factors. Your success shall be well written in there. Business plans can be consuming in terms of time and money. The preparation of Business plan needs expertise, a better understanding of how to prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements. This may seem like a complicated time consuming task.


Therefore, just save to your time and money, make the task easy and provide you with the necessary tools to more effectively analyze financial statements and make informed business decisions we have formulated various Jatropha Biodiesel farming business plans from farming to fuel based on our extensive experience, research and knowledge.

The business plan should identify production costs, as well as operating costs, including equipment, land, construction permitting, labor, inputs and financing, utilities, and financial projections. With Biodiesel projects, projections should contain some contingency analysis projections that both include and exclude anticipated federal and state programs A business plan is usually made up of the following section:

We have formulated a complete jatropha biodiesel business plan consisting following standard sections

  1. Business Request Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Business Description
  5. Management
  6. Market Analysis
  7. Marketing Plan
  8. Product of Services
  9. Manufacturing Plan
  10. Financial Data
  11. Supporting Documents

For business enquiry, kindly contact

Director, Business Development
Centre For Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel(C J P)
B-132, SAINIK BASTI, CHURU-331001,
Rajasthan, India

TELE: +91 9829423333
FAX: +91 9829423333
Hand Phone: +91 9413343550

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