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No two projects are the same, and the standard boilerplate should not be applied to yours.

While there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the development of a business plan including performing feasibility studies identify business opportunities that can be implemented. Business plans use a strategy to optimize the opportunities presented by a feasibility study. Some of these elements can be more effectively targeted when you have the experience that CJP has in the industry. CJP offers a better product for less money than most other companies doing targeted Jatropha biodiesel consultancy.

CJP’s Biodiesel Business Plans
Jatropha Biodiesel Business Plan
Alage Biodiesel Business Plan
Jojoba Biodiesel Business Plan
Derris Indica (Pongamia pinnata) Biodiesel Business Plan
Madhuca indica Biodiesel Business Plan
Neem (Azadirachta indica) Biodiesel Business Plan
Simarouba (Simarouba glauca) Biodiesel Business Plan
Moringa oleifera Biodiesel Business Plan
Tumba (Citrullus colocynthis) Biodiesel Business Plan
Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) Biodiesel Business Plan
Ricinus communis Biodiesel Business Plan
Camelina Biodiesel Business Plan

To carrying out pre-feasibility and prepare the complete and comprehensive above biodiesel business plans including Plantation from ground zero to post harvesting, construction of the crushing plant and biodiesel plant with all technical & financial details, CJP’s charges includes the site visit of expert for development of the pre-feasibility study portion of the plan (The air freight, lodgings/boarding, ground transport taxes etc shall be extra).


We make customized biodiesel business plan for the project size 1000 ha and more
The readymade business plans are available only for 20ha, 100ha and 500 ha
We recommend PFSR for the projects size of 5000 ha and more

For the project between 1000-5000 ha we can formulate the plan with desk top feasibility study.
For a detailed quote kindly mail to or contact
Business Development Division, CJP
B-132, Sainik Basti, Churu-331001  
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