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Food production and transport are particularly dependent on diesel engines and biodiesel is a crucial part of bringing energy security benefits to the global food supply. In times of international terrorism, there are heightened concerns about nuclear proliferation, and Energy Security argues that the future must belong to bio-energy. If we can achieve energy security we can not only free ourselves from dependence on fossil fuels -we can also realize environmental security and a whole host of other central developmental and poverty alleviation goals Given the realities of the biodiesel markets, a successful biodiesel business plan begins with an effective feedstock strategy from which process design flows. To make biodiesel a long-term business opportunity, attention must be to the critical issue of availability of right feedstock at right cost. Jatropha and other nonfood will be a vast source of biofuel and a key to reducing our dependence on fossil fuel Jatropha can bring significant environmental benefits. It can replace jet fuel and diesel from petroleum without interfering with food crops or leading to the clearing of forests. Since feedstock is the single largest cost component in biodiesel production, these considerably less expensive feed stocks give the producers a significant cost advantage over producers use rapeseed and soybean oil. To break the link between biodiesel feedstock and food products; Jatropha and other non-food oil bearing crops are the cheapest and the viable business propositions with independent or combined options.

Jumping of a lot of companies on the bandwagon has enhanced the role and responsibility of the CJP to provide them, the right steps to start the successful business ensuring that this crop is planted in the right way and with due cares to what‟s possible in terms of sustainable farming techniques. Therefore, based on our proprietary knowledge plant science expertise enhanced technology and extensive experience and By integrating technical and managerial issues CJP has developed Jatropha nonfood crops Agricultural & technology Training package to deliver Competencies through Qualified trainers with a practical 'hands on' approach. CJP had its 1st, 2nd, 3rd ,4th and 5th Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training Programme in

India in Jaipur, Rajasthan from June 11-15, 2007, July-14-18, 2008 ,December 13-17, 2010, september 14-18, 2011 and September 5 -7, 2012 respectively attended by more than 70 countries were grand success. The word “Excellent”, which was used by many trainees to describe their experiences, sums up the JatrophaWorld Training experience. With Jatropha cultivation becoming an intensifying worldwide trend, how to „Do It IN Right Way‟ dominated the entire training, with discussions centering on the best practices in Jatropha for maximum returns. All the trainees who attended were glad to have had the opportunity to take their learning beyond the air conditioned comfort of the conference room, and out into the actual field where they were able to see, touch, feel and do Jatropha planting first-hand.

CJP’s training program includes:

  • The construction of learning guides
  • Assessment tools
  • Resources for delivery
  • Delivery strategies
  • Administration
  • Collating of information

This could be through training, organizing and targeting participants/stake holders by a comprehensive training package of knowledge on technical know-how in need assessment, simple managerial skills for self-reliance, proper farming, and sustainability measure of the whole package.

The JWI 2013 will be a key international programme in the development of bio-energy industry in the year 2013 and will attract a multi-national audience with participants fromUSA, Africa, North- Central and South America, Asia and Europe

Be a part of the JatrophaWorldIndia 2013 – and

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