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Pongamia Crop Information Growing & Care Instruction Manual and Monitoring & manaOgement system
The planting, looking after and harvesting plants is an important factor and it requires a lot of knowledge, skill and techniques viz: the best planting season to make the plant early matured, then an amount of seeds to be planted, an irrigation &  fertilization method, a control method of weeds , investigate quality, yield, and degree of occurrence of several troubles .

As all biological organisms require care and attention, the need to draw Growing Instructions was being felt by all concerned

Therefore keeping in view Various concerns and problems of a new Grower; CJP being “The Centre of Excellence” has designed Pongamia Growing & Care Instructions Manual with Monitoring & Management System Diary on the basis of our own tried, tested, developed and experienced Plant Propagation and Cultivation Technologies and Practices to help you grow a Failsafe Pongamia Fuel Farm

Instructions manual provides basic guidance for the project developers to help ensure successful Pongamia planting projects.

Proper planning, planting and maintenance are the key for growing flourishing plants. Simply putting a plant in the ground is not enough. Careful thought must be given to the purpose of the planting, location of the planting and how the Pongamia will be cared for once they are in the ground.

A properly planted and maintained plant will grow faster and live longer than one that is incorrectly planted. This booklet is organized as a step-by-step checklist of fundamentals to help you with your Pongamia planting project

We have sincerely tried to put all steps in nutshell and hope it will be a useful tool in growing your Biodiesel Plantation

Both the Pongamia publications are available :

Agricultural Extension Kit

CJP has specifically developed and designed a unique kit for Pongamia plantation and crop care for 1 hectare called: “Agricultural Extension Kit” – a key to your fuel farm “just enables & encourages the farmers/ new growers to start the Biodiesel crop cultivation in a right and prefect manner by adopting the concept of “sustainable agriculture”.

Pongamia Starter Kit:

Pongamia Agri- Extension Kit contains

  •  SRIPHL DIO3 Elite planting stock for cultivation in 1 ha
  • an easy- to- follow growing and crop care instructions manual
  • a very typical monitoring and management diary
Pongamia Pinnata(Millettia):
Type Pongamia Pinnata
Style Natural
Cultivation Type HYV
Purity 100%
Moisture <8%
Place of Origin Rajasthan, India
Brand Name Brand Name DI03
Model Number 2012
Hybrid No
For Pongamia Failsafe Fuel Farm
DI03SAP™ Elite HYV Pongamia Saplings
We have developed   DI03SAP™ the Process of cloning and maintaining an Elite sapling. It has been created from over a decade of research in horticulture and agriculture with the best characteristics of yield, survivability and longevity. Standard Package of Practices (SOP) enable DI03SAP ™ sapling to enhance productivity to achieve greater yields over the lifetime of the plantation with the right crop inputs and management
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